Rent a luxury cottage with a swimming pool and hot tub in the village Dul


Beauty, quality
and comfort

Your holiday in the Giant becomes an unusual and unforgettable experience. Even long after your return home you will remember contemporarily furnished apartments with romantic tiled stove in a log cabin surrounded by tranquil mountain scenery. You can choose from four newly built wooden cottages are situated for easy access from the Black Down in Giant. It is the newest and it is jhe unique building, which is built from evergreen tree – a pine Douglas fir, design Grinding workshops is a clean modern design in super – granite, glass, iron. Roubenky We built the company Complete construction Roubal Ltd.

S.ituovaných pro snadnou dostupnost z Černého Dolu v Krkonoších – klasická roubenka je Chalupa Roubalka, Chalupa Šípková, Chalupa Ledárna, Chalupa Mlýn a nejmodernější Chalupa Brusírna. Ta je nejnovější a je to jedinecna stavba, která je postavena z jehličnatého stromu – borovice douglasky, design Brusírny je čistý v super moderním provedení – žula, sklo, železo. Apartmány FaRRa leží pouhých 400 m od skiareálu Černý Důl. Roubenky pro Vás vystavěla firma Kompletní stavby Roubal s.r.o.

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Places to go


On top of Sněžka you do not have to walk

Snezka is especially in the summer months, an interesting destination of your trip.

Ideal starting point trip to Snezka Pec pod Sněžkou (750 m.n.m.), from which you can go either by foot or using the new cableway leading to the top.

Dam "Forest Kingdom" on the Elbe

Thanks to its location in a forested valley of the River Elbe and its architectural qualities, the dam Forest Kingdom once
the most beautiful in the Czech Republic and perhaps also because in 1964 it was declared a national technical monument. It is far from Dvur Kralove nad Labem.

Krkonoše Tree Top Trail

The Tree Top Walk is located in the heart of the majestic forests of the Krkonoše National Park.

We will show you what makes the Krkonoše nature unique. Together with us, you will get to know the local forests from the roots to the tree tops. You will become a part of forest life and meet a number of animals and plants that you will not find anywhere else.

Prachovské rocks in the Czech Paradise

The most famous part of the Bohemian Paradise is undoubtedly the Prachov Cliffs, a paradise for climbers. The rock city lies northwest of Jicin. You can choose from two guided tours of various lengths.

There are the remains of a medieval castle Parez and many perspectives. From the forest act giant sandstone formations, among which lead narrow paths and steep steps. They also have the oldest history of climbing in the country. The center of the city consists of romantic rock tall slender towers and pillars between which are deep and tight ravine.