luxury cottage in the heart of the Giant Mountains

Rent a luxury cottage with a swimming pool and hot tub in the village Dul

Your holiday in the Giant becomes an unusual and unforgettable experience. Even long after your return home you will remember contemporarily furnished apartments with romantic tiled stove in a log cabin surrounded by tranquil mountain scenery.

You can choose from four newly built wooden cottages are situated for easy access from the Black Down in Giant - a classic timberCottage Roubalka, Cottage Sleeping,Cottage icehouseand latestCottage Brusírna. It is the newest and it is jhe unique building, which is built from evergreen tree - a pine Douglas fir, design Grinding workshops is a clean modern design in super - granite, glass, iron.

Roubenky We built the company Complete construction Roubal Ltd.

Skiresort - Černá Hora - Pec

Ubytujte se v nádherných chalupách nebo roubenkách u Roubalů a lyžujte ve Skiresortu - Černá Hora - Pec.